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In Hungary we are the first to establish an informative, cultural art trade database where  you can find everything that is associated with collecting artworks – including antique dealers, restorers and other service providers.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the coming generation that collecting old works of art is not a social class  privilege. The young can also adjust old time furniture and objects to their own taste, creating new value and functionality. We will help them with design ideas to wipe away the dust of time and redefine the concept of antiques.

Besides, our visitors are offered free antiques assessment service first in Hungary on Antic.hu. Soon we will launch our magazine  in which readers can get  up-to-date, cultural content about art fairs, exhibitions, artist and art events to be well-informed.


But why have we established an innovative, art trade portal first in Hungary where users have to pay for advertising services?

We strive hard for quality, and we believe that for good quality supplies should be finely selected. We want to show high-quality ads to visitors, and we want everyone to lean back contentedly when a deal is completed. We’ll always be here in the background, helping to pull the strings and to co-operate.


Antik.hu team wish you a wonderful treasure hunt.